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This week has been a big win for interface design and new players – along with some more flashy new animations in the general Kingdom area, we’ve rebuilt large sections of the early game progression to be less overwhelming for new players, helped along by a brand spanking new advisor tutorial system that guides players along in a nice hand-holdy (or hand-pointy) way.

This is paired with a bunch of Codex refinements and content re-additions (yeah, we couldn’t leave the lorehounds hanging) and several improvements to our recent animation system. There’s also a frightful amount of new art in the pipeline that we just couldn’t cram in — trust us when we say it’s absolutely mind-pop-sploding. Yep, that word.

Giant disembodied pointy hands of justice! We couldn’t get absolutely everything we wanted in this week, but the core systems seem a-ok and that’ll be refined by the next update. Please report any problems! Changelog follows: Read the rest of this entry »

ALL of the Quests!

goldbloomblogimageyPlayers of our Special Edition may rejoice – we’ve fully populated the quest content for the Goat Glade, rewards and all! The trio of multi-dungeon campaigns on offer are fiendish, varied and fiendish (while also being a little fiendish) guaranteeing hours ‘n hours of entertainment for even the most hardened veterans.

We’ll be listening to feedback carefully over the next few weeks, so if you have interesting / depressing / ferocious experiences within the Goat Glade challenges, please let us know about them!

The game continues to be prettied up in several areas — you’ll notice the shiny nature of the new Codex tabs, and there’s a bunch of cool little animations to help stat comprehension and juice up everyday dungeon experiences more.

And while on the matter of the Codex – we’ve already taken some of the minor tweaks and adjustments into consideration, and will be adding more content (especially in boss and lore areas) in the coming weeks. Should be great!

Bugs are, of course, still being squashed on a day-to-day basis. They’re frisky little rabbits, no?

Well, this week’s update comes a day early. Why? Public holiday in South Africa, y’all! Despite our 4-day work week, we like to think we’ve crammed in a good dose of gameplay to get you going for your (read: our) long weekend! You may now enjoy the changelog: Read the rest of this entry »

The Codex Has Arrived!


So the game feature that we’ve been promising / imagining / threatening for a good long time has finally arrived on the doorstep of Desktop Dungeons beta players everywhere!

Shaking off the dust from a whirlwind journey through time and space, the marvellous Codex of collected Desktop Dungeons wisdom gives players a quick reference guide for just about everything in the game – item and boss descriptions, status effect glossaries, god personalities and even lore collections for story junkies.

The Codex doubles as the game’s main menu, so to reach it from the dungeon OR Kingdom screen, just hit that button! Any problems can be reported on the forum thread here.

Rubbing shoulders with this new, bookish update is an all-new Special Edition Triple Quest, which begins the (super-difficult) journey towards explaining the existence of the Goatperson, the nature of the pre-Kingdom world and other storyline mysteries that aren’t 100% covered in the basic campaign.

It’s hardly necessary to expand on how exciting this week’s update is, but in case you were still in doubt: we fixed some bugs, too. Yes, bugs! Check out the changelog for all the juiciest details: Read the rest of this entry »

Goat Moar



The response to last week’s unveiling of the Goatperson has been absolutely fantastic – it seems that the new character has breathed a helluva lot of new life into many veteran DD profiles.

We’ve worked on tightening the screws on the new character this week, and taken the time to fix lots of minor issues (many, many interface bugs) that have been plaguing our dear player base. Along with that comes some god tweaks (some errors erupted for the very first time due to the Goatperson’s unique altar-hopping!) and more graphical input for various aspects of the game.

In the background, we’ve made progress on Codex artwork and laid down some foundation for more SE content (you didn’t think we were stopping at the extra character, did you?). We’re looking at another fairly important update sometime over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Remember folks, the Goatperson and all eventual content related to the Goat Glade is only accessible to Special Edition buyers (yeah, we thought we’d just sneak in that cheeky lil’ reminder). Check the swollen changelog this week and continue enjoying the new class: Read the rest of this entry »

Special Edition Character Now Available!

GoatManThis week introduces the much-anticipated Goat Person as a new character to play. This fascinating creature is only available to Special Edition buyers and extends the game in several interesting ways without being overpowered or conveying a heavy in-game advantage over non-SE players.

Along with this new toy, we also present a surprising array of cosmetic changes in both the Kingdom and the dungeon. Interface and effect art continues to be improved and replaced, while we’ve also begun pioneering extra animated touches such as stat change info on the resource bars.

If you need more juicy info on the new character, we’ve already written quite a bit – just check the link above. And don’t forget that you can still upgrade your pre-order of Desktop Dungeons if you got the standard version. Aside from that, check the changelog below for all of this week’s nibbles: Read the rest of this entry »

Impending Goatage

2013-07-12blogImageThis week’s quick little update fixes a few of the painful issues emerging in scenario- and dungeon-specific situations. We’ve also been doing some more work on the Adventuring Permit (also known as the dungeon preparation panel) to organise and thematicise (possibly a real word) the character creation process. A few more of these updates, and perhaps new players will be able to make it all the way to their first dungeon without tripping over text buttons and obsolete interface layouts!

Ah, lovely.

We’ve also been spending a little time this week testing one or two Special Edition features – those who have bought the SE can look forward to a decent content injection when we roll stuff out. Among the promised features are an extra building, a new character class and some bonus quests. More on the blog next week.

Sorry to tease stuff you’re not accessing yet, but we’re excited about the new content and are looking forward to showing off to the SE buyers! Changelog for this week follows, it includes an interesting little balance change for some of ya:


  • Doubledoom brought forward, Crystal Ball pushed backwards
  • It’s no longer possible to select a pacifist enemy for combat via keyboard
  • Bloodmage Bronze no longer crashes
  • Evolvia sprite changed from gorgon in dungeon preview
  • Adventuring Permit graphical overhaul
  • Fixed a bug where more than one speech bubble was visible at a time.
  • Protected against crash when specific item dragging conditions happened.
  • CYDSTEPP now castable at 50% health

Raise Your Banners

2013-07-05blogImageGreetings, beloved Desktop Dungeons supporters! This week introduces some more aesthetic changes to several areas – Kingdom building panels now sport category ribbons, unusable items fade out in the inventory and the god service log actually offers something more than unclickable text and cryptic messages. We very nearly managed to get in a whole whack of new boon / piety graphics for the gods too, but decided that last-minute additions had the potential to cause much, much player suffering over the weekend.

Players who commented on the intensity of the new grid selection box last week will be happy to know that we’ve added an option to reduce its opacity as much as needed (hell yeah, subtlety!). We’ve also fixed up a bunch of rather uncomfortable bugs (yep, you can convert again – in both the god and item sense).

We’ll have more pretties ready for you next week. In the meantime, consult the following changelog to see if any of our fixes affected your game experience (HINT – they probably have): Read the rest of this entry »

Loose Arrows And Page-Turners



Some of you will be very pleased to hear that we’ve finally enabled keyboard arrow support for Desktop Dungeons. Combined with other interface improvements that have taken place in recent weeks, you may now use the four directional to explore an eight-directional, step-by-step dungeon experience to your heart’s content. This mode not only allows faster and more effective early-game movement (for players otherwise forced to use the trackpad), but also lets you select and engage enemies in the same way that the right-click targeting system does.

Sally forth and clackity clack to your heart’s content!

We’ve also started cleaning up the in-game menu in preparation for the impending Codex – golly, we haven’t spoken about that in a while, have we? We’ve also revised existing interface thingies a whole bunch too, including some inventory-based issues which have come to prominence in recent weeks. It’s an interesting and slightly uncomfortable balancing act, but we’re making good headway.

If this week doesn’t offer an overwhelming number of new bugs for players to bang their heads against, then we’ll consider our chunky list of fixes to be a great success. Want to know more? Well, the changelog follows: Read the rest of this entry »

Such A Draaaaagggg


This week’s update comes with yet another interface tweak for in-dungeon combat: left-clicking on an opponent and dragging the mouse cursor off its grid tile will produce a quick menu similar to the recent pop-up system we’ve been testing out.

Instead of a separate control mode, this integrates itself with the rest of the combat control options (standard clicking and custom selection panel), providing users with another avenue of flexible control while being as smooth and unintrusive as possible.

The pop-up / normal combat toggle option via the in-game menu has been changed to a button layout option for this scheme, and for the time being the option will be changed randomly on new runs so that players can get a feel for both formats. Let us know what you think!

This week’s update has fixed several crash problems that appear to have cropped up with recent changes. Thank goodness for session logging! By now, we probably know more about you than the NSA does … changelog follows: Read the rest of this entry »


2013-06-14blogImageThis week, we continue messing about with art and interface and specific subsystems instead of adding new features or changing game balance (the latter being the sort of thing we want to a lot less now).

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work! The right-click selection interface has been refined further in this week’s update. The underlying architecture has been adjusted a bit to accommodate some nasty edge cases though, so we’d appreciate any further reports of mishaps while using the system (we also saw a few reports today that we couldn’t quite get around to in time).

The Kingdom and save/load dynamics have also received some love (thanks, as always, for the reports in places where we almost certainly wouldn’t have thought to look) and we’ve got some miscellaneous changes in game areas that we can’t quite identify under any category more specific than “stuff”.

Sadly, despite what this week’s blog post may suggest, we have no immediate plans for in-game xylophones. OR DO WE? Changelog follows: Read the rest of this entry »