Goat Moar



The response to last week’s unveiling of the Goatperson has been absolutely fantastic – it seems that the new character has breathed a helluva lot of new life into many veteran DD profiles.

We’ve worked on tightening the screws on the new character this week, and taken the time to fix lots of minor issues (many, many interface bugs) that have been plaguing our dear player base. Along with that comes some god tweaks (some errors erupted for the very first time due to the Goatperson’s unique altar-hopping!) and more graphical input for various aspects of the game.

In the background, we’ve made progress on Codex artwork and laid down some foundation for more SE content (you didn’t think we were stopping at the extra character, did you?). We’re looking at another fairly important update sometime over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Remember folks, the Goatperson and all eventual content related to the Goat Glade is only accessible to Special Edition buyers (yeah, we thought we’d just sneak in that cheeky lil’ reminder). Check the swollen changelog this week and continue enjoying the new class:


  • Fixed a bug where a boss speech dialogue could appear and disappear in the same frame.
  • Goatperson taken out of quest completion loop.
  • Side tab priority system put in place.
  • Taxidermist speech in toasts given a portrait.
  • Trophies that are sold fall straight into the taxidermist panel.
  • Did some optimization when mouse moves into different grid square.
  • Fixed bug where boss speech wouldn’t always show up.
  • The Goatperson’s item conversion threshold increases by 10 per bonus.
  • Initial food stock increased by 15.
  • Food conversion value lowered to 3, may now be converted by just using.
  • Petition is now a character effect and survives worship hopping.
  • JJ Chaos Avatar buffed — now provides poison and mana burn removal.
  • Piety changes prevented by Indulgence no longer appear in the log.
  • Issues with Taurog equipment punishment should be fixed.
  • Conversion messages fixed.
  • Fixed several incorrect piety / boon icons.
  • God menu no longer has tooltip issues for invisible boons.
  • Fixed critical grammatical error with Azure Body description.
  • It’s no longer possible to farm gold by replaying tutorials in the Explorer’s Guild.
  • Boons in the piety panel are now named.
  • Fixed a crash related to setting sliders.
  • Added item slideout to veto , pre-veto and pre-locker slots.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a class and then a race would leave the wrong image on the permit.
  • Specialist badge now prompts if active quest failed.
  • All bosses in Magma Mines drop trophies (to ensure non-weirdness if players attempt a trick shot).
  • Enemies that gain pacifism during combat are now deselected.
  • Tutorial building panels fixed.
  • Encouragements window changed to speech bubble type.
  • Took out unnecessary newline in encouragements text.