Impending Goatage

2013-07-12blogImageThis week’s quick little update fixes a few of the painful issues emerging in scenario- and dungeon-specific situations. We’ve also been doing some more work on the Adventuring Permit (also known as the dungeon preparation panel) to organise and thematicise (possibly a real word) the character creation process. A few more of these updates, and perhaps new players will be able to make it all the way to their first dungeon without tripping over text buttons and obsolete interface layouts!

Ah, lovely.

We’ve also been spending a little time this week testing one or two Special Edition features – those who have bought the SE can look forward to a decent content injection when we roll stuff out. Among the promised features are an extra building, a new character class and some bonus quests. More on the blog next week.

Sorry to tease stuff you’re not accessing yet, but we’re excited about the new content and are looking forward to showing off to the SE buyers! Changelog for this week follows, it includes an interesting little balance change for some of ya:


  • Doubledoom brought forward, Crystal Ball pushed backwards
  • It’s no longer possible to select a pacifist enemy for combat via keyboard
  • Bloodmage Bronze no longer crashes
  • Evolvia sprite changed from gorgon in dungeon preview
  • Adventuring Permit graphical overhaul
  • Fixed a bug where more than one speech bubble was visible at a time.
  • Protected against crash when specific item dragging conditions happened.
  • CYDSTEPP now castable at 50% health