2013-06-14blogImageThis week, we continue messing about with art and interface and specific subsystems instead of adding new features or changing game balance (the latter being the sort of thing we want to a lot less now).

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work! The right-click selection interface has been refined further in this week’s update. The underlying architecture has been adjusted a bit to accommodate some nasty edge cases though, so we’d appreciate any further reports of mishaps while using the system (we also saw a few reports today that we couldn’t quite get around to in time).

The Kingdom and save/load dynamics have also received some love (thanks, as always, for the reports in places where we almost certainly wouldn’t have thought to look) and we’ve got some miscellaneous changes in game areas that we can’t quite identify under any category more specific than “stuff”.

Sadly, despite what this week’s blog post may suggest, we have no immediate plans for in-game xylophones. OR DO WE? Changelog follows:


  • Fixed a bug where gold would not be spent when above max gold.
  • Fixed bug that could allow players to exit a dungeon early when picking up a monster trophy before all bosses were killed.
  • Fixed a host of bugs with the selected enemy interactions, this might destabilize combat prediction. Please keep this in mind and report combat prediction bugs.
  • Added more combat items to the selected enemy panel. Notification added when too many are used.
  • Fixed a bug with old savegames throwing errors when loaded up after certain changes.
  • Fixed some bugs with knockback prediction.
  • Fixed a bug where all buildings would be highlighted during prep selection, not just relevant buildings.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when trying to create a building panel where none exists.
  • Slayer Wand now has prediction feedback
  • Stranded halflings/gnomes now shown as injured
  • Megasmith no longer has obsolete text
  • Item retrieval quests offer the correct descriptions now
  • Fixed button refresh and erratic mouseover behaviour on Explorer’s Guild panel
  • Unlocked gods will stay that way even if restarting the dungeon run
  • Enemies that require formal unlocking no longer appear in Normal and Hard dungeons prematurely (Vicious dungeons keep full loadout regardless)
  • Building titles revised to stop confusion
  • Pactmaker piety changes added to piety log.