Loose Arrows And Page-Turners



Some of you will be very pleased to hear that we’ve finally enabled keyboard arrow support for Desktop Dungeons. Combined with other interface improvements that have taken place in recent weeks, you may now use the four directional to explore an eight-directional, step-by-step dungeon experience to your heart’s content. This mode not only allows faster and more effective early-game movement (for players otherwise forced to use the trackpad), but also lets you select and engage enemies in the same way that the right-click targeting system does.

Sally forth and clackity clack to your heart’s content!

We’ve also started cleaning up the in-game menu in preparation for the impending Codex – golly, we haven’t spoken about that in a while, have we? We’ve also revised existing interface thingies a whole bunch too, including some inventory-based issues which have come to prominence in recent weeks. It’s an interesting and slightly uncomfortable balancing act, but we’re making good headway.

If this week doesn’t offer an overwhelming number of new bugs for players to bang their heads against, then we’ll consider our chunky list of fixes to be a great success. Want to know more? Well, the changelog follows:


  • Piety loss that drops piety below zero from multiple sources in one frame will no longer cause multiple punishments.
  • Fixed a bug where the radial menu would appear in odd locations in smaller layouts.
  • Fixed a bug where buttons in the god-menu weren’t showing a mouseover state.
  • Added ‘Off’ option to mouse drag mode setting.
  • Revamped the menu. Adding settings sliders and quest information.
  • Extra conversion after converting an item from the ground no longer possible.
  • Small inventory items can now be dragged onto empty small slots once again.
  • Fixed a crash bug that could occur when casting at certain distances.
  • Fixed a bug when defeating selected reviving enemies.
  • Selection square added for grid mouseovers
  • Keyboard arrows can move the player around the dungeon and select enemy targets
  • Revised which inventory items appear as shortcuts in various selection modes
  • Fixed problem where god indulgence would cancel the cost of the Venus Patrol altar
  • Dungeon altar distribution is a little more spaced out
  • Complicated Tasks 4 no longer appears before the Rock Garden does
  • Backpack items from Hobbler’s Hold no longer zero costs
  • Monster classes no longer appear in the dungeon score screen before they’re unlocked
  • Fixed a bug where selecting last run with monster classes and quests could stop the ‘play’ button from lighting up.
  • Phantom drag conversion fixed.
  • Dragging items off inventory no longer leaves dangling states.