Special Edition Character Now Available!

GoatManThis week introduces the much-anticipated Goat Person as a new character to play. This fascinating creature is only available to Special Edition buyers and extends the game in several interesting ways without being overpowered or conveying a heavy in-game advantage over non-SE players.

Along with this new toy, we also present a surprising array of cosmetic changes in both the Kingdom and the dungeon. Interface and effect art continues to be improved and replaced, while we’ve also begun pioneering extra animated touches such as stat change info on the resource bars.

If you need more juicy info on the new character, we’ve already written quite a bit – just check the link above. And don’t forget that you can still upgrade your pre-order of Desktop Dungeons if you got the standard version. Aside from that, check the changelog below for all of this week’s nibbles:


  • Concatenated Badge/class completion and panel headers.
  • Added Dungeon and Quest panel header images.
  • Added Kingdom Gold panel background art.
  • Moved Puzzle pack description to slide-out panel, and incorporated quest panel style reward display.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when dealing with connection problems.
  • Added unique building panel header images.
  • Prediction will always show ‘barely’ instead of negative effects if the hit would kill.
  • Fixed a possible crash when using spacebar to interact with a boss trophy panel.
  • Added Special Edition Building and Class.
  • Several piety descriptions fixed
  • Boon effects are fully populated now
  • New graphics for boon effects
  • Side panel altar graphic refreshes properly
  • Side panel tabs now hue shift correctly
  • Stat updates now have numeric animations
  • SE class starvation no longer spams particle effects