This week has been a big win for interface design and new players – along with some more flashy new animations in the general Kingdom area, we’ve rebuilt large sections of the early game progression to be less overwhelming for new players, helped along by a brand spanking new advisor tutorial system that guides players along in a nice hand-holdy (or hand-pointy) way.

This is paired with a bunch of Codex refinements and content re-additions (yeah, we couldn’t leave the lorehounds hanging) and several improvements to our recent animation system. There’s also a frightful amount of new art in the pipeline that we just couldn’t cram in — trust us when we say it’s absolutely mind-pop-sploding. Yep, that word.

Giant disembodied pointy hands of justice! We couldn’t get absolutely everything we wanted in this week, but the core systems seem a-ok and that’ll be refined by the next update. Please report any problems! Changelog follows:


  • Fixed a bug with Cheeky badge not being awarded.
  • Fixed a bug where the death pulse could stick around after an enemy died.
  • Set a default anchor for tooltips.
  • Changed codex category order to avoid player/enemy status confusion.
  • Fixed crash when piety orbs couldn’t find altar graphic to move from.
  • Piety orbs no longer fly from piety indicator to player when no god is present.
  • Added Kingdom element for Tutorial 2.
  • Closed memory leak in certain animations.
  • Codex bosses more thoroughly populated.
  • Goat Glade quests 1 & 2 rebalanced
  • Early Kingdom progression altered, Advisor tutorials added
  • Added attack animations.