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A wild HTML-based Desktop Dungeons appears!

A few months ago, a Desktop Dungeons fan by the name of Laurent Vaucher emailed us to say he was working on an HTML5 version of the alpha as a side project. Once we’d successfully calmed our crack squad of attack lawyers, we sent him the source code for the GM version of the game and answered the odd question here or there about some of the more obscure mechanics. Laurent recently sent us a mostly complete build of Desktop Dungeons v0.21 in HTML5 and we’d like you all to take a look at it! Point your HTML5 compatible browsers at and tell Laurent how awesome he is via our forums.

This week’s beta update sees us continuing the interface cleanup: We’ve reworked how the Kingdom screen works and are getting ready for it to look less crap at some point in the future too. Rumors of a new god have also been making the rounds, so see if you can find her (and her slew of related bugs, no doubt) somewhere in the dungeons to the south.

Desktop Dungeons is an IndieCade 2011 Finalist

The IndieCade 2011 Finalists have been announced and we’re proud to say that Desktop Dungeons is one of them! We’ve known for about 2 weeks now (and keeping hush was proving pretty difficult). We’ve been making plans to get to Culver City for the festival, so Marc and Danny will be there, being odd and trying to see more of LA than was managed during E3.

Beta Update: Poke ye not the ancient ones

Sometimes balance is a difficult and dangerous thing. Our latest balance ideas involving Dracul: “Hey, what if we make some of his boons crash the game in order to discourage their use?” may not have been the best ideas ever, no matter how good they seemed at the time.

Let’s hope that the other changes that are piggybacking on today’s hot-fix are nowhere near equally well considered… Although maybe we shouldn’t make balance decisions immediately after ranting about how overpowered Orcs carrying Sensation Stones are. I guess we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Today’s Namtar fan portraits provided courtesy of awesome forum humanoid MuF, thanks MuF! (What do you mean you don’t know who Namtar is?) Full list of changes provided below… Read the rest of this entry »

Beta update: Magical mystery tour

Our Questonomy experts have been sorely vexed recently, shouting into their speaking tubes about magical item value propositions and current vs amortised earning potentials. Generally we have no idea what they’re saying at the best of times, but they sure seem to be excited about the new dungeons that the Explorers Guild has discovered right under our noses… The ones that all those magic users seem so drawn to.

That damned Witch has made herself heard too, leaving apocalyptic graffiti all over the Kingdom and saying odd things about how those trees look a lot more like actual trees now. We have no idea what she means.

Following a few ill-received bets placed by some of the more boisterous adventurers, the Mossy Isle bookmakers have begun keeping unofficial records of exactly who has done what and where. We wouldn’t be too worried, except that they appear to be more accurate than the official Kingdom records. That and we’ve heard that your current odds are stacked at 17:1 against. Sorry.

A complete changelist would probably tell you all about save system stability improvements, the item rebalancing we’ve done, the new dungeons we’ve added and the new tileset. Actually, a complete changelist would probably be a good idea…

Terrifying lvl 100 goat image by friend and co-conspirator, Miktar!

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Beta update: screw you, monks

The gods are at it again. This time, they’re demanding more worship in exchange for boons, presumably because they feel like they’re being taken for granted or something. The Ministry has blamed this whole divine mess on a bunch of showboating Monks achieving enlightenment and promptly murdering everything in sight, so they’re sending the smarmy little gits on a pilgrimage into the heart of the southern swamplands to make up for it.

Recent reports suggest that the swamp’s formerly productive Sludge Mines have completely shut down due to “horrible, corrosive and deadly” complications, so the monks may actually be in for a genuine challenge. Only time will tell.

In other news, the quest boards are starting to fill up with more specialised jobs, allowing some members of the hero population to flex their adventuring muscles in interesting, challenging and rewarding ways. There’s only a few of these posts right now, but the Kingdom’s leading questonomy experts predict that their popularity will result in more popping up soon.

A full changelist for this version follows, addressing several crash bugs, some major god imbalances and the new lifesteal ruleset for players. Oh, and we nerfed that damn Trisword too.

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New Desktop Dungeons version detected!

Another day, another Halfling Priest mercilessly slaughters his way through otherwise innocent undead while we lob more bug-fixes at you (actually we just couldn’t find a better image, so this is the next best thing). The fixes should start coming a little slower next week, letting us get back to delivering more delicious content… That’s what we hope, at least.

Today’s highlights include a quick solution for people who desperately need to delete superfluous profiles, some general readability tweaks and shops were moved to appear earlier in the campaign to help with the difficulty curve. Complete list of fixes follows…

P.S. We’re aware of the site issues that some of you may be experiencing (heck, maybe it’s just us here in Africa) but the site should be finished moving to a new server within the next 24 hours.

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Desktop Dungeons Beta updates begin!

We had to break out the emergency gear.

So, after an exceedingly entertaining weekend and a tense release period in which several things we’d rather not mention collided with air-redistribution devices, it’s time for the first update to the beta. Which should have happened utterly seamlessly – all you need to do is keep playing Desktop Dungeons and next time you access game page you’ll get a new build.

Huge thanks to all our beta players who not only put up with our email system going utterly berserk last night, but have also tirelessly sacrificed their (and their employers’) productive hours to help us find bugs. You should see the forums, they’re amazing.

Highlights from our change-log include such gems as making the Glowing Guardian slightly less game-breaking, nuking a few crash bugs to do with desecrating altars and all sorts of general tweaks, grammar changes and balance decisions. Read on for an exhaustive list…

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Beta’s nearly ready!

We’re pushing really hard to get the Desktop Dungeons beta ready for all of you awesome pre-order players by Monday. Keep up to date with our progress via the #DDbetaPush hashtag on Twitter and watch as our sanity ebbs away over the course of the weekend.

Switching servers… BRB LOL

Our poor server has been straining under the weight of the new site, our payment system and all the back-end stuff that’s supporting development as the beta inches closer and closer to being ready to throw at the world.

There’s almost no way it’s going to stand up to the hammering it’s going to get when that finally happens, so we’re testing a move over to a dynamic scaling solution. This might result in some brief downtime, but if that’s the case you probably won’t be able to read this message anyway, so I have no idea why I’m typing it…

See you on the flip-side.

Dead wood sightings!

Desktop Dungeons has been spotted in a couple of places recently, printed upon sheets of processed wood pulp in the olde school fashion. We’ve known that we’re part of the excellent Michael Rose‘s 250 Indie Games You Must Play for a while now, but the first photographic proof is now visible (and yes, the Desktop Dungeons alpha is made in Game Maker – awesome tool).

Additionally, we’ve received scans of the august issue of Maximum PC, specifically this page right here:

Which puts Desktop Dungeons in such awesome company that we’re well and truly flattered. We are initiating procedures to speedily procure our own physical copies of both fine publications, an endeavor that shall only briefly be hampered by the large continent and entire ocean in the way…