Beta Update: Poke ye not the ancient ones

Sometimes balance is a difficult and dangerous thing. Our latest balance ideas involving Dracul: “Hey, what if we make some of his boons crash the game in order to discourage their use?” may not have been the best ideas ever, no matter how good they seemed at the time.

Let’s hope that the other changes that are piggybacking on today’s hot-fix are nowhere near equally well considered… Although maybe we shouldn’t make balance decisions immediately after ranting about how overpowered Orcs carrying Sensation Stones are. I guess we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Today’s Namtar fan portraits provided courtesy of awesome forum humanoid MuF, thanks MuF! (What do you mean you don’t know who Namtar is?) Full list of changes provided below…

  • Fixes:
    • Dracul/lifesteal should no longer crash the game. Or at least not every single time
    • Assassin’s combat prediction now matches its first strike ability
    • Preparations no longer saving duplicates.
    • Items that fail to auto-add to inventory in some cases will drop on the floor instead of disappearing
    • Monk has +1 physical slot, damage penalty shared between base damage and attack bonus
    • Orc conversion threshold raised to 120
    • Sensation Stone is worth 225 conversion points
    • Bloodmages have +1 magical slot instead of physical
    • Absolution boon no longer displays cost increase
    • Fixed effect indicator problem when an enemy was poisoned on full health
    • Bleaty’s resistances lowered