A wild HTML-based Desktop Dungeons appears!

A few months ago, a Desktop Dungeons fan by the name of Laurent Vaucher emailed us to say he was working on an HTML5 version of the alpha as a side project. Once we’d successfully calmed our crack squad of attack lawyers, we sent him the source code for the GM version of the game and answered the odd question here or there about some of the more obscure mechanics. Laurent recently sent us a mostly complete build of Desktop Dungeons v0.21 in HTML5 and we’d like you all to take a look at it! Point your HTML5 compatible browsers at http://www.DesktopDungeons.net/HTML5 and tell Laurent how awesome he is via our forums.

This week’s beta update sees us continuing the interface cleanup: We’ve reworked how the Kingdom screen works and are getting ready for it to look less crap at some point in the future too. Rumors of a new god have also been making the rounds, so see if you can find her (and her slew of related bugs, no doubt) somewhere in the dungeons to the south.