Hammering in the Deep

This blog post was hastily penned down in the midst of a catastrophic meltdown within the Kingdom. An ancient, evil entity known as the Server has risen up and cast the realm under its vile shadow, leaving even the most powerful Kingdom Administrators stranded and confused. It is uncertain whether these written words will ever make it through the dark maelstrom: hopefully, by the time you come to read this the lands will be in a happier era.

Letting all the magic smoke out...

… unfortunately, we really do have to apologise about this week: many of you have probably already noticed the extensive downtime recently and we’ve lost several good work days due to web host issues. There’s the whole wailing and gnashing of teeth thing going on in the office right now.

We still managed to get some changes in this week, so behold (if you can) the perky new additions such as Binlor’s puzzle pack, a new quest toast system (mmm, toast) and a revolutionary new game paradigm which, uh, hopefully decreases those horrific crash problems which reliably plague the longer /more extreme game sessions.

Here’s hoping that things will be a whole lot better next week. The changelog follows, fueled by desperation and blood magic:

  • Have this super secret cat picture. It's in a hat.Insidious sprite creation VBO memory leak squished.
  • New puzzles for Binlor
  • Slayer Wand fixed
  • Spoon drop rate lowered in Ick
  • Slowed Mage Plate stat gain
  • Pactmaker no longer useable by Vampires
  • Pactmaker correctly interacts with Faithless badge
  • Toasts integrated into quests
  • Many new toast notifications added