Beta update: Magical mystery tour

Our Questonomy experts have been sorely vexed recently, shouting into their speaking tubes about magical item value propositions and current vs amortised earning potentials. Generally we have no idea what they’re saying at the best of times, but they sure seem to be excited about the new dungeons that the Explorers Guild has discovered right under our noses… The ones that all those magic users seem so drawn to.

That damned Witch has made herself heard too, leaving apocalyptic graffiti all over the Kingdom and saying odd things about how those trees look a lot more like actual trees now. We have no idea what she means.

Following a few ill-received bets placed by some of the more boisterous adventurers, the Mossy Isle bookmakers have begun keeping unofficial records of exactly who has done what and where. We wouldn’t be too worried, except that they appear to be more accurate than the official Kingdom records. That and we’ve heard that your current odds are stacked at 17:1 against. Sorry.

A complete changelist would probably tell you all about save system stability improvements, the item rebalancing we’ve done, the new dungeons we’ve added and the new tileset. Actually, a complete changelist would probably be a good idea…

Terrifying lvl 100 goat image by friend and co-conspirator, Miktar!

  • Fixes:
    • Death protection oddities should be fixed
    • Dracul only acknowledges one life steal attack per XP-valuable enemy
    • Assassin’s Light Foot ability will now work against edge monsters
    • Monks have 1 physical inventory slot.
    • Cleanse, Sanctify and Magic boon costs ramp up more slowly.
    • Magic boon increases enemy physical resistance
    • Mystera no longer gets angry after Mana Leak
    • Smuggler’s Den preparation no longer grabs plants
    • “Unstoppable” accolade doesn’t appear multiple times
    • Lifesteal amount no longer exceeds player’s damage
    • Overheal is now capped at 150% max health instead of 200%
    • Knockback properly removes enemy poison
    • Lifesteal is now removed properly
    • Cases of enemies blinking away upon death should stop
    • Sorcerer health gain no longer removes overheal effects
    • Unstoppable Fury boon button appears disabled when it should
    • Saving slider now only retreats when all data is confirmed saved
    • Saving errors are reported to the player, with the option to retry or continue and save later
    • Attempting to override a newer save on the server now prompts the player to load the newer save, or override it.
    • Quest list available on dungeon selection screen
    • When monsters strike first, mana shield retaliation hits before the normal player strike
    • Pickups using the keyboard no longer screw with grid mouseovers
    • Glyph casts can now be cancelled by clicking on items or reactivating the glyph
    • All monk descriptions should now reflect class changes
    • Bloodmage no longer drinks blood when already at full health
    • Autopath attempts to avoid bloodpools
    • Combat prediction text reports death protection
    • Reflex potions give temporary first strike buff
    • All Kingdom preparations are now permanently accessible after once-off fees
    • Evasion properly negates knockback
    • Dungeon information moved to side panel. Added Victorious classes display per dungeon.
    • Added Forest tileset
    • Added sounds for conversion, item pickups and knockback
    • Ying/Yang subdungeon redesigned. Debug messages removed.
    • Switching profiles now clears lockerable loot data.
    • Skullpicker is now weaker, but cheaper.
    • Fine sword now deals +4 base damage
    • Sounds for teleport and knockback added, shops now fire gold-related sounds when used
    • Fireball endless loop should be fixed