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IGF Judge Feedback

The various IGF 2011 entrants around the web have been getting their promised feedback today, now one could say that we’d already received ours, but we got some more anyway. Here’s what they said:

Amazing design, the tightest single player design ive seen since solitaire.

starts out feeling like a decent little rougue-like.
then time flies by.
then you see the depth.
great work!

A fantastically tightly designed game, and a wonderful riff on one of gaming’s oldest genres. It should be ported to every platform, old and new, stat.

We’re working on the last part. I swear!

Mac Freeware Updated

Huge apologies to everyone experiencing problems with the new freeware Desktop Dungeons for Mac, we’ve just uploaded a fixed version that should be using the proper graphics and sounds. Sorry about that!

Note: To port over saved games you’re going to have browse the app folder and copy any .sav files over to /Contents/MacOS/chardata inside the new app.

Full version vs Freeware, fight!

So, why should you want the new version of Desktop Dungeons as much as we think you should? Have a completely inexhaustive list of reasons after the cut:

Welcome to the new site!

Today we’re finally ready to launch this site. We’ve got a ton of announcements, so here goes:

Firstly: You can now pre-order the full version of Desktop Dungeons for PC and Mac! Every pre-order will gain access to the upcoming beta as soon as it goes live.

Secondly: To celebrate pre-orders going live, we’ve got new versions of the Desktop Dungeons freeware for everyone. Not too many changes, just some bug-fixes, general cleanup and some interface changes. Oh! And a new class! And a new dungeon! Enjoy. Yes, your existing saves will carry over just fine.

Thirdly: We’re also launching the QCF Forums today. There’s now a definitive place to trade DD strategies and ask for support if something’s wrong.

We’re really excited about the next few months, there’s a lot going on. Oh, be sure to come say hi if you’re going to be at E3!