New Desktop Dungeons version detected!

Another day, another Halfling Priest mercilessly slaughters his way through otherwise innocent undead while we lob more bug-fixes at you (actually we just couldn’t find a better image, so this is the next best thing). The fixes should start coming a little slower next week, letting us get back to delivering more delicious content… That’s what we hope, at least.

Today’s highlights include a quick solution for people who desperately need to delete superfluous profiles, some general readability tweaks and shops were moved to appear earlier in the campaign to help with the difficulty curve. Complete list of fixes follows…

P.S. We’re aware of the site issues that some of you may be experiencing (heck, maybe it’s just us here in Africa) but the site should be finished moving to a new server within the next 24 hours.

  • Fixes:
    • Extra spoon added to end of shop pool list to make items at the end of it a bit more likely to spawn
    • Hero’s Helm now given gold/conversion values. D’oh.
    • Small text changed from Arial 16 to Arial 20
    • Hotkeys fired on mousedown instead of mouseup.
    • Cast failure punishment for WONAFYT removed.
    • Visual effects now tied to casting failure.
    • Reworded Tokoloshe Charm and Wisp Gem descriptions: no longer described as “stacking”
    • Building can no longer co-exist with other buildings in their same tree.
    • Swift Hand now breaks through death protection
    • Zombie Trap crash fixed
    • Taurog piety costs increased
    • Knockback effects are removed properly
    • Cowardly enemies only retreat if they stay adjacent to the player
    • Knockback moves creatures a maximum of one block
    • Shops appear earlier
    • Profiles can now be deleted.
    • Profile dialog updated. Cancel button added.
    • City Expansion B is no longer an explicit quest
    • Added altar graphics to worship panel