Welcome to the new site!

Today we’re finally ready to launch this site. We’ve got a ton of announcements, so here goes:

Firstly: You can now pre-order the full version of Desktop Dungeons for PC and Mac! Every pre-order will gain access to the upcoming beta as soon as it goes live.

Secondly: To celebrate pre-orders going live, we’ve got new versions of the Desktop Dungeons freeware for everyone. Not too many changes, just some bug-fixes, general cleanup and some interface changes. Oh! And a new class! And a new dungeon! Enjoy. Yes, your existing saves will carry over just fine.

Thirdly: We’re also launching the QCF Forums today. There’s now a definitive place to trade DD strategies and ask for support if something’s wrong.

We’re really excited about the next few months, there’s a lot going on. Oh, be sure to come say hi if you’re going to be at E3!