Desktop Dungeons Beta updates begin!

We had to break out the emergency gear.

So, after an exceedingly entertaining weekend and a tense release period in which several things we’d rather not mention collided with air-redistribution devices, it’s time for the first update to the beta. Which should have happened utterly seamlessly – all you need to do is keep playing Desktop Dungeons and next time you access game page you’ll get a new build.

Huge thanks to all our beta players who not only put up with our email system going utterly berserk last night, but have also tirelessly sacrificed their (and their employers’) productive hours to help us find bugs. You should see the forums, they’re amazing.

Highlights from our change-log include such gems as making the Glowing Guardian slightly less game-breaking, nuking a few crash bugs to do with desecrating altars and all sorts of general tweaks, grammar changes and balance decisions. Read on for an exhaustive list…


  • Double-clicking on items to pick up now behaves more like regular item pickups
  • Desecrating multiple altars no longer crashes the game
  • Taurog is offended/forgiving where appropriate
  • Bosses no longer get petrified, regardless of level
  • Tikki Tooki removes only one potion at a time
  • Stairs/exit descriptions updated
  • Glowing Guardian cures poison and manaburn properly
  • Panels refresh appropriately after targeted enemies move or die
  • Creeplight cultists now die properly
  • Region Gateway quests are now completeable by class trees (instead of just one class)
  • Gateway dungeons are 10% easier
  • Glowing Guardian Humility boon is now single-use
  • Gnome/Halfling potion quest removes correct number of potions
  • Labels for Guard, Adventurer’s Guild and player name updated
  • Kingdom hint system now updates properly during tutorials
  • “Sanction” typo fixed
  • Minor clarification about overcoming Mystera’s guardian.
  • Leveling up inside Rock Garden subdungeons no longer crashes the game
  • Mystera cures mana burn with Refreshment
  • Tower shield item typo fixed
  • Tikki Tooki’s boons now give the player bonus gold
  • Quest double adding fixed. Solves Adventurers Guild LVL3 locker issues.
  • Old tileset references removed, everything should now be pointing at the new ones.
  • Changed footprints slightly, made them less huge.