Beta update: screw you, monks

The gods are at it again. This time, they’re demanding more worship in exchange for boons, presumably because they feel like they’re being taken for granted or something. The Ministry has blamed this whole divine mess on a bunch of showboating Monks achieving enlightenment and promptly murdering everything in sight, so they’re sending the smarmy little gits on a pilgrimage into the heart of the southern swamplands to make up for it.

Recent reports suggest that the swamp’s formerly productive Sludge Mines have completely shut down due to “horrible, corrosive and deadly” complications, so the monks may actually be in for a genuine challenge. Only time will tell.

In other news, the quest boards are starting to fill up with more specialised jobs, allowing some members of the hero population to flex their adventuring muscles in interesting, challenging and rewarding ways. There’s only a few of these posts right now, but the Kingdom’s leading questonomy experts predict that their popularity will result in more popping up soon.

A full changelist for this version follows, addressing several crash bugs, some major god imbalances and the new lifesteal ruleset for players. Oh, and we nerfed that damn Trisword too.

  • Fixes:
    • Gnome/Halfling conversion with full inventory no longer causes weird teleports/crashes
    • Mana cost modifiers no longer apply to free spells
    • Frost roots correctly removed from inventory when the Witch takes them
    • “Symmetry”-style map generators should now guard against creating inaccessible locations
    • Player no longer forced to reconnect if connection dies. progress will be saved again ASAP
    • Altar graphics update properly when spawned after their deity is already followed
    • Empty slot conversion exploit fixed
    • Double altar desecration exploit fixed
    • Corrosive blood pools no longer display piety symbol
    • Clarified wizard extra glyph as a fireball
    • Combat prediction updates if a spell is cancelled/cast while mousing over enemy
    • When moving loot to the locker, only one item of each type will be displayed
    • Player damage, max health and max mana now have hard-coded minimums
    • “Druid beard” correctly labelled as “Druid stick”
    • Some wild manaburn/poison immunity code removed
    • Halflings/gnomes: potion will be properly awarded if player uses same kind of potion to reach conversion threshold.
    • Potion gold values should now stack properly for loot calculations.
    • Player always starts dungeon at full health/mana.
    • Weaken effect now stacks and updates properly
    • Most repeatable boons now have stacking costs
    • All knockback effects, including glyph casts, are now reduced by resistance % to knocker’s base damage type
    • PISORF cannot be magically resisted (except by immunes)
    • Sanctified strike should expire after knockback
    • HALPMEH description mentions poison cure ability
    • Lifesteal doesn’t work on Bloodless creatures
    • Lifesteal particle effect should position correctly in smaller dungeons
    • Enemy lifestealers no longer “regenerate down” to natural health maximum
    • Dracul appreciates lifestealing
    • Lifestealing can now overheal the player (capped at 200% natural)
    • Lifesteal combat prediction should be fixed
    • Trisword now deals scaling damage, inventory restriction removed
    • Sludge Mines replaced with The Slime Pit
    • Explorer Guild puzzle notification fixed
    • Corrosion and damage reduction may now affect enemies
    • Druid Grove crash problem fixed
    • Glowing Guardian offers smaller piety reward for minor items
    • Monk damage calculations changed
    • New quests added
    • Added sounds for dodge, spell failure and boss deaths
    • Spawning rate fixed for advanced glyphs