Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Launches 18 April 2023!
Desktop Dungeons: Rewind will be available on Steam and Humble Games from the 18th of April! We’re incredibly excited to bring this remastered and rebalanced version of the game to you all. Please wishlist on Steam, after which you can give the game a try by playing the Daily Demo right now!
Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Daily Demo Available!
The Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Daily Demo is now live on Steam, allowing you to play a brand new procedurally generated challenge each day! You’ll be able to catch glimpses of a lot of the content in the full game, if you keep playing long enough. If you find the Daily Dungeons fun, consider wishlisting Desktop […]
Desktop Dungeons: Rewind
Greetings Desktop Dungeons players! The rumors were true! The ones about a remastered edition, not the ones about the self-aware fungus on uh nevermind… Back to our announcement. Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is soon to be released so you’ll be able to explore, slay and scheme through the game with gloriously updated graphics. The goal with […]