Desktop Dungeons: Rewind

Greetings Desktop Dungeons players! The rumors were true! The ones about a remastered edition, not the ones about the self-aware fungus on uh nevermind… Back to our announcement. Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is soon to be released so you’ll be able to explore, slay and scheme through the game with gloriously updated graphics.

The goal with Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is to bring a game we love to modern devices and modern audiences. For a long time we’ve felt that we’ve under-served players with the resolution choices we made for Desktop Dungeons back in 2011 (!!) and have had to stick with since. This is the perfect opportunity for us to address that, while adding new features to the game to make it smoother and more rewarding to play.

All your old saves will continue to work in Desktop Dungeons: Rewind, but we hope returning players dive into the game from the start, just to experience it with fresh eyes. It’s been a journey coming back to a game we love this much and doing it justice, we hope you all appreciate the result as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!