Buy the full release of Desktop Dungeons for PC, MAC AND LINUX to get playing right away. With 18 character classes, 7 unique races, and infinite randomly generated dungeons, you'll never need another coffee-break game again! Want to play on a different device? Versions for ANDROID AND iOS ARE COMING SOON! If you're unsure as to why you might want the full version of Desktop Dungeons, here's a few good reasons and a helpful FAQ. Have a problem not covered here? Feel free to contact us!

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Desktop Dungeons PC/Mac : $15.00

  • You'll receive the full game via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux for $15
  • Play in your browser

Desktop Dungeons Special Edition PC/Mac : $25.00

  • You'll receive the Special Edition of the full game via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux for $25
  • Special Edition bonus content: Commemorative building for your Kingdom, extra challenge quests and a unique character class. Just to say thank you to those willing to support us
  • The soundtrack by DannyB and Grant Kirkhope through Steam
  • Play in your browser
  • Our eternal gratitude.


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Desktop Dungeons PC/Mac
$15.00 (150.04 ZAR)
Desktop Dungeons Special Edition PC/Mac
$25.00 (250.07 ZAR)
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