Good morrow, loyal fans! We’ve just patched in a slider option for scale filtering if you want to adjust your fullscreen visual experience. You can access it via the in-game menu under “Settings” with all the other arcane sliders. For Steam users, we’ve added some error tracking and optimised the code around some really suspicious ... read more
It’s been an interesting week here at QCF Design. Most of the team is gearing up for another trip to GDC in San Francisco, so we’ve been furiously working to get as much done as possible before we head off. We’ve given our welcome page a facelift in anticipation of doing some advertising (Go check ... read more
This week we have a double header for you! We’ve finally built a page that houses all the stats we’ve been collecting. You can now see which enemies are killed the most, which dungeons have the most losses, and which gods give out the most boons. Draw you own conclusions and share them on the ... read more