You guys are soooo generous

Thank you, Desktop Dungeons community, for warming these blackened old rocks that we laughingly refer to as a “hearts”. After posting about the e-mails that we’d been sent, several community members stepped forward, like superheroes emerging from a fresh brush with a radioactive insect, to ask if they could buy Kevin a copy of the game. Thank you all so much for making our week, and especially Platypotamus for setting Kevin up with a pre-order.

Now … we can practically hear you all straining in anticipation, working yourselves into a frenzy. “What is in the update!” you ask?

We took a dive into the bugs thread, and emerged with a plethora of new ways you’ve managed to break the game that we never thought possible. Congrats. We’ve shot, squashed, strangled and maimed as many bugs as we could this week, so hopefully your play experience will be just a little better.

This week is a big list of bug fixes! Read the full log:


  • Fixed Vine Form text description values.
  • Blinking monsters will no longer blink onto stairs
  • Fixed a crash when enemies die from burning on a different level to the player
  • Cowardly enemies no longer flee from burning when the player is on a different level
  • No longer possible to choose a monster race/class when a dungeon specifies a particular race or class.
  • Made a change to how mouse clicks work. False “double clicks” should no longer be happening.
  • Moved the flag for quest “Double Take” to a better location.
  • Login failure messages made more clear.
  • Inventory slots no longer show up above message boxes.
  • Buttons changed so they can be clicked on rapidly again.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple copies of a sound could start playing on the same frame (e.g. level up twice with one kill).
  • Plants and enemies should now spawn near wall tiles instead of under them.
  • Gorgons do not turn enemies into walls if they can revive.
  • Altar graphics update properly.
  • Stairs no longer share tiles with other stairs.
  • General spawning rules improved slightly.
  • Added full stops to many item texts to make them play nice with Translocation Scroll.
  • Fixed Piercing Wand pushing magic resistances into negatives.
  • Stopped specially summoned Altars spawning under other items in rare cases.