You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Pit Dog


So, this week’s update has brought a visual update to a large chunk of the character class effects (that triad of perks which each hero comes loaded with), making the in-game portraits look a whole lot less grotty. Hooray for that! We had a great deal of fun making appropriate themes and visual styles for each set of icons, and we hope that they add a bit of extra visual “personality” to many of the classes.

The right-click enemy selection has been cleaned up drastically, so give it another chance this week if you were interested by the core idea but struggled with its glitchiness. We find it to be one massive goatload of help when it comes to regeneration-based combat, and should be a strong addition to the game’s default interface. Once that’s stable, we should be free to do more for the alternative control schemes.

The Kingdom has also been cleared up a bit to deal with some residual issues concern gold and quest updates. Additionally, we’ve implemented a mechanic that allows players to temporarily go over the gold limit when they bring in a single large haul from the dungeon, to reduce the depressing occurrence of bandit scalps and meat loafs being sold for next to nothing because gold was too close to cap after the previous run.

Thanks for the frequent and reliable bug reports: we think we’ve nailed most of the problems with the new enemy selection, and had a little time to work on some other issues as well. Check the changelog for full details!


  • Changed how gold max works. You can now get gold above max if gold is less than max, and income exceeds max.
  • Added warning on changing to map panel that no gold will be earned if gold is above max.
  • Added trophy panel alternate text to reenforce no gold earnings when above max.
  • Burning effect now has corner text when on enemy portrait.
  • Poison effect now has corner text when on enemy portrait.
  • Class effect icons updated!
  • Sorcerer Mana Shield combat prediction pip now only shows when actually dealing damage.
  • Reworked right-click selection to be more reliable.
  • Barely win/survive prediction versus gorgons fixed.
  • Binlor no longer gains mystery piety in Demonic Library
  • Demonic Library protected against inaccessible terrain generation
  • Rex no longer moves onto statues