Welcome back!

HellWIP enemy interfaceo there, dungeoneers! It’s a brand new year, and we’re kicking it off with a brand new game structure: feedback from veterans and beginners alike has encouraged us to implement an overarching game narrative and trophy economy that will allow the average player to “win” a game of Desktop Dungeons at a formalised point in the Kingdom.

Make no mistake, this achievement will still be a challenge for most: the main plot requires overcoming each of the “HARD” rated dungeons, and content in most of these areas has become somewhat more randomised to avoid boring, scum-X-factor-to-win gameplay approaches. We’re pretty excited to see how these changes are received, particularly since we want to encourage more adaptive gameplay over locked dungeon tactics. Changes will continue being made to the overall game structure based on the responses we get.

A more involved post about the end game (and our related musings) can be read over here, and although old player profiles will still be intact after today’s update, advanced players may fancy firing up a new Kingdom just to see what this new narrative “feels” like before we go committing any art resources to it.

And hey, if none of that satisfies the most hardened of warriors, there’s still the new-and-improved Vicious Gaan-Telet Tower for people to unlock after the main story arc is done and dusted! Something for everyone, right? The image to the right is part of our ongoing work on the game’s interface, enjoy! Change summary follows:


  • Full regeneration bonus for XP milestones beyond level 10
  • Goblins now have stacking XP benefits
  • Slow debuff added to WONAFYT glyph
  • Enemies killed while Slowed yield extra XP
  • CYDSTEPP only castable at full health (except for warlord)
  • CYDSTEPP exhaustion effect removed
  • Dungeon/quest orders changed
  • Dungeons spawn random bosses and mob types more often
  • Smuggler’s Den and other subdungeons now function correctly in Naga City
  • Fixed issue with enemies potentially going “double berserk”
  • Combat prediction bugs involving deathgaze fixed (both player and enemy Gorgon issues)