Update – Humble & GOG

Desktop Dungeons has been updated!

If you haven’t patched in a while, there’s major update to Desktop Dungeons, and it’s not just a patch, it’s adding new content!

We’re calling it, the Enhanced Edition.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A New Altar Interface
  • The Chemist: A new class based around using potions in odd ways
  • The Rat Monarch: A new monster class that does a corrosive strike
  • New quests to unlock the new classes
  • A Daily Dungeon feature, that let’s you complete the same dungeon as everyone else, every day
  • Leaderboards, to track how your dailies are comparing to your friends

And now, Desktop Dungeons is available on tablets too!

Desktop Dungeons on iOS
Desktop Dungeons on Android

Not only that, but your save data can be stored in the cloud, giving you access to the same kingdom, no matter which device you’re playing on!

To update your copy of Desktop Dungeons, simply click on the banner below, for the store where you bought it:

Most Recent Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug where glyph prediction could show prediction text related to previous enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where leaderboard entries with identical times could highlight the wrong player
  • Fixed a bug where viewing a leaderboard while having no entry in it would highlight the rank 1 player