Update For Fullscreen


Good morrow, loyal fans! We’ve just patched in a slider option for scale filtering if you want to adjust your fullscreen visual experience. You can access it via the in-game menu under “Settings” with all the other arcane sliders.

For Steam users, we’ve added some error tracking and optimised the code around some really suspicious achievement progress behaviour, particularly around the likes of Masochism. If it still doesn’t work as intended, we’ll be well-armed to deal with further problems.

There’s not much to say aside from these quick info bits, but we’ll drop in a friendly reminder that progress on the Android and Linux versions is still being made. Bits and pieces of our code changes will occasionally leak through to (and benefit) the PC crowd, much as it has now with our current focus on rendering and optimisation.

Most of the crew is off to GDC for the next few weeks, but we’ll be doing our best to increase visibility with our community in the meantime.