Troubling Times pt 2

Kingdom Administrator! The land is in a state of utter turmoil! Monsters and heroes alike are scattering as parts of the world have begun shifting in and out of existence. Entire dungeon regions are no more, and others continue to be touched by the changes going on within our lands.

What could have caused such a great upheaval? Global warming? The absolute insistence of some adventurers on beating a certain ancient impossible tower dungeon? Or maybe it’s the final resort of a blog scribe with writer’s block who’s about ten minutes from holiday?

We don’t know. We may never know. At least until next year.

Heeeey! Season’s greetings! Look at these cute animals! We’re off work for a little bit, but we’ve decided to do some more dungeon tweaking, including a fair bit o’ juggling around with a fair bit of dungeon content.

Back soon with a bang, though! Some listed prunings, adjustments and fixes follow:


  • Fixed bug preventing accurate path recalculation after transmuting a wall
  • Enemies that revive no longer show exp prediction for killing them
  • Gorgons no longer petrify non-exp enemies or bosses, should no longer get trapped by plants
  • Knockback now always does physical damage (Fixes Half Dragon issues)
  • Gave the Gorgon a proper class description
  • Vampires now regen mana normally, but are exhausted unless at full (or over) max health
  • Lemmisi cost reduced to 2 mana
  • Four directional dungeons removed
  • Druid boss now in Western Jungle
  • Vampire boss now in Eastern Tundra
  • Oasis map effect moved to Northern Desert
  • Berserker Camp map change
  • Steel Halls now slightly more Vicious
  • Rock Garden plants have drop items
  • Slime Pit has slightly less meat in it
  • Changelings changed
  • Transmuters muted (transmuting a wall takes longer, allowing enemies to regenerate)
  • Combat prediction now accurately shows “death” against enemies with death protection, when the player has first strike.