Troubling Times pt 1

Something most alarming is happening inside our Kingdom. The decay of godly power came as a shock to religious institutions a few weeks back, but now the land itself is beginning to exhibit turmoil, throwing out small tremors and minor earthquakes on a day to day basis. Adventurers report entire dungeons crumbling apart before they can enter, and the more hysterical members of society proclaiming that the world itself is going to end soon.

However, we have it on good authority that complete armageddon isn’t due for at least another era or so, even if the local monster population is beginning to act rather erratically. Dungeon occupants are shifting due to the recent quakes, and — quite surprisingly — we’re coming across frequent cases of monsters turning against their own kind in what can only be considered fits of madness or desperation.

Hang on tight, the next few weeks could end up being very bumpy indeed …

As the final pieces of certain content milestones fall into place (looking at YOU, monster classes), we’ve begun turning our attention to revision and — soon enough — some pruning. Changelog this week follows:


  • Added a horde of tilesets
  • Upped Monk resistance cap to 75%
  • Fixed Translocation Seal crash bug when used on non-shop pickups
  • Speech bubbles no longer pop up at the same time
  • Speech bubbles given a minimum width to avoid graphical weirdness
  • Speech bubbles now stop mouse interaction. Clicking or hitting a key will dismiss them
  • Fixed crash related to pathfinding when using ENDISWALL or Transmutation Seal
  • Added Half-Dragon and unlock quest
  • Added Gorgon and unlock quest
  • Out-of-order save dialog given more details on local and online savegames
  • Transmutation Seal no longer works on unreachable walls
  • Demonic Library stairway exploit should no longer work
  • Pactmaker correctly limits resistance assignment
  • Jehora Petition boon state resets after god conversion.
  • Dungeon loadout / tileset tweaks