Trade Opportunities

blogImage-2013-04-19The Tinker challenge dungeons are in now!

Aside from that, welcome to the first full update week in a while. Phew. We nailed a chunk of that huuuuuuge bug list that crept up on us over the break, tweaked some minor balance issues here and there (in an unprecedented move, we’ve been quite generous towards players) and performed some well-needed interface maintenance.

Some notable fixes and tasks: we’re working on the login problems that some folks are having (with game sessions repeatedly demanding usernames and passwords), PQI Vicious awards a much bigger chunk of gold to victors and more work has been put into effects icons and information density concerning your heroes. As the past two blog images may suggest, we’re also hoping to get some revised icon art into the game soon.

Enjoy this week’s update, and let us know what you think of the latest round of improvements.

This week’s changelog is slightly bulkier than the last one. Are you ready for this? Okay, brace yourself, let’s go! The list awaits below:


  • PQI awards 1500 gold for quests in vicious dungeons.
  • Player portrait can be clicked on to show a verbose effects list (and show full portrait art).
  • odd artifacts no longer show up on the conversion bar.
  • convert from floor preview no longer hangs around into inventory conversion bar.
  • Zombie gold trap subdungeon can no longer be tricked into spawning extra zombies.
  • Toasts can now only be dismissed once they have appeared on screen.
  • Gorgon kills in Cursed Oasis no longer leave ‘ghost walls’ if the kill removes the last curse.
  • Knockbacks in Cursed Oasis that also curse/uncurse the player no longer leave ‘illusion walls’ behind.
  • Effects can now have stat indicator text in lower right corner when in non-verbose mode.
  • Conversion preview now takes Spirit Pact into account.
  • Conversion bar amounts more responsive, dealt with “lag” in correct amount display.
  • Conversion bars now show excess conversion, similar to exp and health bars.
  • Fixed bug that could reset the dragging icon when interacting with conversion prediction via the inventory.
  • Added logging to the ‘logged in from another computer’ issue. Investigating.
  • Text on Really Big Sword’s piercing effect corrected to 35%.
  • Crusader Silver / Gold bosses buffed slightly
  • Fixed Crusader Gold progression issue
  • Conversion values in Crusader Bronze changed from 0 to 15
  • Spirit Pact value changed from 10 to 15
  • Complicated tasks part 1 flag fixed
  • Spawn Plants effect fixed properly to Bloodmage Silver
  • BLUDTUPOWA puzzle fixed
  • Overheal prediction fixed for monsters
  • Dracul subdungeon stairs fixed
  • Removed references to (?) conversion button
  • Tinker challenges added
  • knockbacks that will kill an enemy now show up as ‘win’ in combat prediction.
  • Agbaar’s puzzle pack should reflect completion properly again
  • Fixed bug in hotkey assignment that would erroneously add commas to items with only one hotkey.
  • Fixed issue with many usable items that prevented them getting slot-number hotkeys assigned to them.
  • Patched extra information popup for removed items.
  • Gave Crystal Ball mana returned preview.
  • Prevented Crystal Ball firing when it would give back 0 mana.