The True Tale of Transmuters

blogImage-2013-04-26Right, so a bunch of you have been complaining about the apparent dissonance between the Transmuter’s lore and his abilities. We’ve attempted to clarify this point with an all-new set of Transmuter challenges that absorb the old storyline and update it just a lil’ bit. Have fun!

As is the norm recently, we’re pleased to announce a few interface improvements and an important development in the war against erroneous logging (hawww yeah!). The inventory and prep panels have been improved and we’ve also removed the questionable Gardening Shears from play.

Enjoy this week’s update, that’s the last of our bonus challenge series. The feedback in recent weeks has been fantastic, thank you! Changelog follows:


  • Introduced 2 key verification to reduce ‘logged in from another computer’ from triggering falsely.
  • Fixed crash bug when interacting with Apothecary shop items.
  • Changed Stone Skin to display stacks instead of total resistance given.
  • Fixed a bug where the kingdom could go back to the ‘building’ state long after loading ended.
  • Tinker challenge adjusted.
  • Fixed hitball arena bug.
  • Transmuter storyline modified.
  • Pactmaker subdungeons edited.
  • Transmuter challenges added.
  • Rock Heart replaces Garden Shears.
  • Added item info panel when mousing over preps that have an item attached.
  • Added prep costs under prep buttons.
  • Added grouping borders for prep buildings.
  • Effects now go multi-line when running out of space in verbose mode.
  • Several optimizations in item creation/movement.