The seasonal greetings

Helloooooooo, fair supporters! This is our final post of the year, since QCF Design will be taking a break over the holidays (unless, you know, the game starts burning down everyone’s computers in our absence). A lot has happened this year — some of it frustrating as heck — but the patience, ideas, enthusiasm and support of the community has given us loads of awesome moments.

In this update, we attempted to nail as many juicy balance changes and bugfixes as possible. The wizard has received a tweak, transmuter strength effects no longer stack and poison has earned a universal adjustment which should touch on a lot of player strategies (or at least challenge them to find a new exploitation avenue). And yeah, Gaan-Telet should award victory properly now. We promise.

We hope that this update contains something amusing, challenging or different for everyone. We’ll be back in a few weeks with the first update of 2013 (because as with the Mayans, this is not the end of everything, but merely the end of a cycle). Happy dungeoneering to you all until then!

For a broader list of changes both big and small, consult our changelog this week (it’s chunkier than usual). Keep an eye out for some of the other balance changes we’ve put in — there should be something relevant for every kind of player over the holidays. Check ’em out below:


  • Fixed bug with reflex potion not removing temporary attack buffs before retaliatory attack.
  • Fixed bug with prediction not showing strength potion damage falloff after first attack.
  • Fixed bug with damage reduction effects not showing up in prediction after initial predicted attack.
  • Added Warlord Determined bonus to damage display.
  • GETINDARE no longer awards dodge prediction.
  • Poison on enemies changed to a stacking effect. 1 stack prevents 1 health worth of regeneration.
  • Poison dagger, Tikki Tooki’s poison boon, and poison glyph changed appropriately.
  • Wizard damage returned to baseline, gains bonus conversion from glyphs in inventory.
  • Gaan-Telet victory bug fixed.
  • Vampire health regen should no longer leap up to 2 sometimes.
  • Superfluous Vampire status effect removed.
  • Reflex potion reflexes effect now only wears off once you perform your free attack, the first strike, however, does wear off.
  • God panel updating made far more stable, temp bugfix hacks removed.
  • Strength effect on Transmuter and Strength Potion no longer stacks
  • Transmutation scroll no longer affects non-removable items
  • Witch no longer sends you to the magma mines before they’re available
  • Bosses won’t spawn directly next to the player
  • Subdungeon stairs are less likely to spawn on traverasble water/lava/spike tiles
  • Dracul Blood Shield preview icon fixed
  • Potential Ch’Dylan subdungeon glitch fixed