The Quick Fix

This week’s update is just a small bug patch to address a few minor issues that we’ve been able to tackle between travel and expo attendance and networking and blah blah blah et cetera et cetera. Shown above is a classy pic from the A MAZE festival in Johannesburg, which has officially been open since Tuesday. We decided that it would be important to fly up and attend because, well, a local game development / art / technology showcase would be totally sweet to build on.

It has been pretty cool hanging out and meeting people up here. The festival itself has had some initial hiccups by our reckoning, but panel discussions and chats with journalists and business types have made the trip pretty worthwhile.

We’ll be back next week with a significantly more normal content regime, so never fear! We’ve just got a few bugs / interface weirdnesses nailed at the moment. Changelog follows:


  • Gold cap on bank lvl 1 and 2 now displays correctly.
  • Fixed possible crash in tutorial 1.
  • Altars highlight properly in god discovery subdungeons.
  • Lekon subdungeon removed from central region.
  • Hint signs in starter dungeons clarified.
  • Fixed boss in Gaan-Telet Hard.
  • Player health bar no longer drops into negatives
  • Piety sound effect plays when a boon’s net cost is zero
  • Players may no longer surrender from OR restart the first few tutorials
  • Restart/surrender now works as normal in the Explorer Guild versions of tutorials
  • Fighter Gold enemies no longer spawn at inaccessible locations