The Packmaster

Due to sorta popular demand, we’re extending the locker system slightly with a new “backpack” system, designed to afford players an extra range of temporary loot space for consecutive dungeon adventures. We hope this will make the metagame slightly friendlier and afford some players a little more room to experiment.

We’ve also been putting a bit more of that good ol’ polish work into the tutorials and god puzzles (again). We hope that some day they’ll work well enough to actually teach players about the game instead of just confusing them even more!

Aside from that, we’ve been sanding down a few rough edges on interface stuff, spelling stuff and expectation stuff. There’s also some errant crash reports that we’re still doing our best to hunt down, but we think we’re on the brink of finding a core solution on the memory problems.

So, there’s “loots” of little changes this week (har har … uh, will think of a much better joke next time). And yes, we’ve nailed those pesky little dungeon restart exploits you guys have been listing, so no more filthy, filthy cheating from any of you! Maybe. And wow, look at the size of the backpack in that picture! Amazing, right? Anyway, changelog follows:


  • Fixed compression seal restart bug.
  • Fixed potion duping restart bug.
  • Thief STABBER trait changed to do extra damage to full health enemies.
  • Changed mouse click handling to be more defensive. A click must now start and end in the same block to count.
  • Added backpack system. Loot items from last run can be prepped in lieu of a locker item.
  • Fixed a bug where “barely win” was not appearing if the player had life steal.
  • Fixed spelling errors in Bazaar.
  • Venom Dagger no longer pretends to be a sword.
  • Taurog’s Unstoppable Fury boon no longer falsely promises to give attack bonus.
  • Panel ordering changed to place toasts on top of other panels.
  • Dracul Puzzle 2 fixed.
  • Tutorials revised.
  • Experience requirements in tutorials should be fixed.
  • “Live Fire” tutorials provide hints upon death.
  • Hint signs added to god puzzles: Mystera, Taurog, Dracul, GG.
  • Puzzle dodge prediction fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where badge quests could disable viable classes.
  • Fixed a bug where quests could fail to disable previously completed classes.