The “nice” update!

For what must be the first time ever, nearly all of our changes in this version of the game have been generous towards the poor, beleaguered player.

To start with, the economy should sail a little more smoothly in the early game. Attentive users will be happy to know that the bankers no longer drain Kingdom funds, preferring instead to front the costs on risky expeditions and collect their due if the hero returns alive. Various preparations and Kingdom buildings have also become way cheaper, so buying new preps and actually using them right away may become an exciting new reality. Other tweaks here and there should provide a lot more relief for struggling adventurers who find themselves leaking gold a little too soon and a little too often.


A couple of the Vicious dungeons are also moving out of “blatantly unfair” territory into the “mindbending but winnable” sweet spot, though Naga City is reasserting itself with slightly more restrictions on its deity system and a little more emphasis on gold management and Demonic Library … well, we tried a little trick with that to shake up how people approach the initial bosses. The Slime Pits have also begun the nerf march to bring them in line with other Hard dungeons, and more changes will be made to more dungeons in that lovely little queue of stuff that we’ve been meaning to get a look at.

Finally, the Perpetual Questing Initiative should be duly incentivised now, at least when compared with the older burning dungeon system. So go forth, be creative and earn lots ‘n lots of gold for your trouble!

Hey! Hey! Look at all the other nice stuff we’ve offered players this time around! The changelog is full of great news. Absorb it here:


  • Dodge Prediction fixed.
  • Quest info panels now show badge description when mousing over them.
  • Burning dungeon multiplier reduced to 3x.
  • Perpetual Questing Initiative reward increased to 500 gold.
  • Perpetual Questing Initiative will no longer choose classes that you haven’t unlocked.
  • Yin and Yang reduced to level 7.
  • Strength potion now grants remaining mana + 5 base damage for 1 attack.
  • Balanced Dagger gold cost removed.
  • Balanced Dagger now shows exp gain preview, general exp preview issues fixed that were causing some “blind spots”.
  • Petrifying a slowed enemy will grant 1 experience.
  • Earthmother now provides mana regen
  • Lifesteal twice as effective against lower-level creatures
  • Lifesteal prediction slightly more accurate in some instances
  • Martyr Wraps now globally corrode
  • Enlightenment no longer repeatable
  • Several preparations are cheaper
  • Eastern Tundra slightly more Monk-friendly
  • Tikki Tooki awards GETINDARE glyph upon worship
  • God overviews are now visible in the worship panel
  • Meatman and Zombie bosses are introduced slightly later
  • Bet on Boss and Smuggler’s Den preps have swapped places
  • Stone Soup now targets equal levels or stronger
  • Stone Skin buffed slightly
  • Witch unlock changed
  • Naga City rebalanced: no altars at topside (church/crusader traits can work around this, though)
  • Bank loans work differently: free gold is provided for dungeon runs, and loans are repaid upon success
  • Limited shops appear in dungeons as soon as you retrieve the Bazaar scroll
  • Overall Dragon Isle toughness lowered slightly
  • Den of Danger victory quests give higher gold rewards
  • Demonic Library sub-bosses reinforce one another now
  • Namtar progression adjusted
  • LEMMISI now sensitive to a wider range of objects
  • Slime Pit: poison effect removed from boss, golems added, enemy toughness lowered slightly
  • Metal Spider subdungeon temporarily removed