The map is here!


Okay, technically the map has been in for a really long time already. But now it actually looks the way we want it to.

That’s right, the realms of Desktop Dungeons are no longer a barren waste of parchment-coloured desert and dirty brown dungeon buttons. The same treatment that our Kingdom screen recently enjoyed now extends to the full game world, revealing a magical adventurescape of vibrant colour and custom-drawn hazards. Hooray for that!

Woot! Short blogpost this week because the fancy new mapscreen has been the crux of our playerside output. We’ve also worked up the first iteration of a somewhat more spiffing login screen, and done more of that recent behind-the-scenes stuff. For additional details on some of the mild bugfixes and design tweaks we made on the side, changelog follows:


  • Added effect graphic for Prestige.
  • Removed limitation on level up effects.
  • Fixed issue preventing Wicked Guitar playing animations on multiple monsters.
  • Initial tutorial now offers players the Basic Tutorial option at least once, even if you win the dungeon without dying
  • Gold yield for easy/starter dungeons has been adjusted
  • Login and profile pages rolled into new splash page.
  • Added map graphics. (such a tiny line…)
  • Optimised trail movement calculation.