The Double Realm

Uhhh … we added a new map. On a whim. It’s pretty fancy and probably a little buggy and in need of some polish and oh wow there’s still a million and one other things to do to the other dungeons. But still, just look at the totally neat idea we put into the Northern Desert!

Subdungeons also received a fair bit of love this time around with content (we’re starting to add little “personalities” to all of the lore subdungeons) and availability (for that extra little bit of help against Namtar and the other Vicious bosses). With the right preps and situations, that’s up to four unique stairways leading out of any particular dungeon — better pick up the revised LEMMISI glyph and hunt ’em down.

Binlor’s also been … well, changed. We’re till trying to figure out whether he’s actually more or less abusive now. We reckoning that the community will tell us soon enough, though. Have fun either way!

Here follows the reliable ‘ol changelog, also known as the weekly exploits crib sheet. We can only shudder at the though of how many people will immediately fire up their Rogues after reading what follows:


  • Add new dungeon to the north, with dragon boss.
  • Rogues can now cast GETINDARE to gain extra dodge percentage and dodge prediction.
  • Dungeon tilesets can now be hue shifted if we so desire.
  • Slowdown with massive dungeon alterations (cough Binlor cough) fixed.
  • Demon Lord with issues no longer manaburned, now manaburns you.
  • Piercing Wand no longer increases BURNDAYRAZ cost on glyph pickup.
  • PQI should no longer be able to pick burning dungeon.
  • Namtar’s Ward buffed
  • LEMMISI now sensitive to dungeon stairs and particularly weighted to find other glyphs
  • Rules for Burnt Offering simplified, enemies need 1 burning stack on death
  • Binlor only affects visible walls and enemies
  • Binlor’s on-worship gift changed to PISORF
  • Stone Soup now provides ENDISWAL
  • Entangle spawns more plants, Vineform fewer. Earthmother no longer slows plants
  • Good Glenrick is now level 6 and spawns in a larger subdungeon
  • Vampire Chef subdungeon now gives audio feedback for successful recipes
  • Lifesteal bug (hopefully) fixed
  • Enemy lifesteal now restores a percentage based on their own max HP
  • Slayer wand should stop breaking scripted kills now
  • Naga Commander subdungeon now unexplored
  • Metal Spider subdungeon re-added
  • Absolution is a little smarter, a little beefier and prioritises same-leve monsters
  • “Regional” subdungeons now appear in more dungeons, and sometimes alongside quest subdungeons
  • Some lore subdungeons tweaked / added
  • Complicated Tasks 5 and Assassin Silver now no longer accessible out-of-order
  • BLUDTUPOWA description updated