The Desktop Dungeons beta is here!

Hi there, folks! As of right now, the Desktop Dungeons Unity beta is open to everyone who pre-ordered the game. It comes with a fully functional Kingdom manager, an actual quest progression system and a nice heap o’ content to get you started.

We hope you have a great time with what’s on offer so far, and we’ll be merrily adding more content over the next few weeks to make sure that you stay well and truly hooked. But for now, please bring your attention to these all-important public service announcements:

(1) We’ll be sending out a pile of confirmation e-mails with instructions about accessing the game, including all of the necessary authorising stuff. The volume of info being processed means that it may take some time for you to get your confirmation, so just sit tight for a bit while they’re being sent out. If it takes more than a few hours, drop us a line at and we’ll look into it for you.

(2) There’s gonna be bugs. Lots of bugs. You’re not playing a finished product, you’re playing the test candidate before the finished product, and every piece of feedback you give on stuff that goes wrong will help rest of the Desktop Dungeons fanbase enjoy their gaming experience more. To help keep things organised, we’ll be setting up a bug report thread on the QCF forums and fielding issues there.

(3) Related to what’s above, be prepared for a wildly shifting game experience over the next few weeks. A lot of stuff isn’t really finalised yet, and we’ll be making adjustments on the fly depending on community feedback and the availability of content on our end. The saving/loading system should be reasonably robust in this regard, but unfortunately we can’t offer any guarantees. To put it in familiar PR terms: we thank you for your continued patience!

(4) Have fun! You’ve all spent time, effort and money on this game already, and you owe it to yourself to have the best experience ever. Give yourself a pat on the back for supporting our continued development, then go forth and enjoy yourself as much as humanly possible!