The Art of Negotiation

We like to think that we’re steadily marching towards a version of the game that players consider balanced and enjoyable. Failing that, we’ve been padding out some more of the class challenges with new and, uh, interesting situations. Y’know, for discerning fans.

We’ve also tried to go into a little more detail with the changelog this week (less of those vague “god X has been changed” and “subdungeons have been added somewhere” thingies). If you have a look, you’ll see some of those dreaded-but-not-entirely-unexpected nerfs raising their heads (players can expect to pay a little more attention to their gold amounts, for a start) but we’ve also got some nice buffs where we think they’re needed — purists will be happy to hear that the bank automatically grants gold for every dungeon run now, hopefully making up for the loss of one or two popular — albeit broken — combos.

The DD wiki has been seeing some interesting developments this week, and we’re particularly excited to see all of the strategies and dungeon runs making a show — we promise that we’re not just looking at them to nail more exploits! As a matter of fact, we hope to introduce a few new item rewards for class challenges that will fill in a couple of tactical niches. Those should be arriving next week.

Rawraar! Raarhghghar! Gurararflagaryarrr! Changelog follows:


    • Class challenge descriptions can now be read even when the challenge has been completed.
    • Boss exit stairs and boss trophy have been rolled into one interaction. Boss trophy can be picked up even with a full inventory.
    • Original entry stairs now remain when the boss is killed. Boss trophy is highlighted with a beam of light.
    • Bank preparations removed. Bank now automatically gives a gold allowance based on bank level (if kingdom funds are sufficient).
    • Bank gold contribution reduced.
    • Fixed a bug which allowed an empty apothecary to exist.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause inventory items to not update their text on time.
    • Fixed a bug that would show a plant portrait in Dracul’s subdungeon.
    • Burning interaction with knockback damage normalised, should behave more like burning and other sources of damage now.
    • Orc conversion bonus is now a flat +2 base damage, no more increasing runaway damage stacks.
    • Vicious Indomitable now has corrosive attack
    • Paladins can convert Taurog’s equipment safely
    • Taurog’s equipment now has a conversion value
    • Naga City bosses drop gold in place of trophies
    • Gold drop for all bosses reduced from 30 to 25
    • Earthmother Clearance now has a concealing effect
    • Resistance no longer guards against damage from corrosion
    • Alchemist Scroll / Trisword now have per-use gold costs
    • Glowing Guardian kill penalty no longer multipled by level difference
    • Humility and Absolution cost increased
    • Glowing Guardian rewards long-term worship more
    • Hitball is more worthwhile