Hey, good news! We spent a lil’ more time on content this week than we have been, so users will have a chunk of interesting new situations to stumble upon when they explore the myriad stairways of the Desktop Dungeons world. Some of these are about getting up to speed with the Exclusive Edition content (more good news! We finally got in contact with all of ’em!), while some of them are all about tweaks and improvements to existing content (yeah, we still actually dip into that from time to time).

Behind-the-scenes stuff is still going well, too. Our bug reporter keeps sending us fascinating and/or terrifying reports of crashes that we’ve been nailing pretty regularly. It’s actually scary how many edge cases people come across on a week-to-week basis, but we’re really pleased about being able to finally resolve them. We like to think that somewhere, somehow, those otherwise silent players are cursing us just a little less often.

As a matter of fact, we challenge you to give us more weird bugs to fix. Cmoooon! Briiiiiiing iiiiiiiit! As always, you can drop us an e-mail or check in at the bug report thread on the forums to facilitate your noble quest.

Oh, and bug submissions are cool (in a slightly masochistic way), but you know what else is cool? Fan art. Go make some fan art. Now. And thanks, Kuranes: we sneakily lifted one of your pics for this week’s blog image (the cuteness of that Taurog really tickles for some reason). Changelog follows:


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when trying to update a temporary building.
  • Fixed a crash bug in the Cursed Oasis that could occur when leveling up in a subdungeon as a fighter.
  • Fixed a bug where lifesteal enemies mini healthbar would show up wrong.
  • Fixed / tweaked / added a bunch of subdungeons