Sprinkles 2: Sprinkle Harder

GlenrickThis week’s serving of the DD beta comes with several clarity tweaks, most of them related to the graphical interface. Many players will appreciate, in particular, the ability to rearrange the class / race selection screen for more intuitive selection, as well as the increased clarity with altar sparkles.

Digging just a little deeper, one can also find some fun little tweaks: an updated Trisword graphic here, an awesome new enemy pic there … all part of the visual polish process that makes Desktop Dungeons feel more like a completed product. Hooray for that!

As well as the graphical holes, we continue to fill in tutorial niches with the Glyph Academy puzzle pack, adding four new challenges to this week’s loadout. Some of them are probably trickier, but they come unlocked at a point in the game where veterans should be able to conquer them – at least with a bit of thought (and if not, the helpful hint signs are always ready!).

This week is a veritable goodie pack of pretty and we hope you enjoy the update. Doesn’t Glenrick look absolutely dashing? And yes, we’ve let y’all keep the Titan Guitar. It’s fun and silly and we like it. Changelog ahoy:


  • Gave church preps specific order in choice screen.
  • Changed Trisword graphic.
  • Fixed crash with Glenrick and updated graphics.
  • Added Revenant graphics.
  • More tilesets are have double-size elements.
  • Poison Puzzle pt 1 corrected
  • Four new puzzles added to the glyph pack
  • Titan Guitar randomly spawns flyables, to make things interesting
  • Tikki responds (unfavourably) to players using IMAWAL in his unlock challenge
  • Altar particles revised
  • Kingdom graphics updated for the Witch, Alchemist, Church, Humans, Adventurers Guild and Bank.
  • Added alternate layout for selecting races/classes as a test.
  • Added more save game pre-processing. This should reduce some long reported load times. (Note: your first load may still be long)