Spiked Spikes and Slashy Swords

Hokay, so this week is another update for the player end: a whole bunch of small front-end adjustments and balance tweaks to chew on for a bit. They’re mostly item-related, but there’s one or two other adjustments hiding amidst the inventory cloggers.

Taurog is sporting some spiffy new arms and armour — courtesy of our newest artist — and if you check out our mid-week blog post you can find more details on the overall Kingdom prettification process and the technical behind-the-scenes work needed to make our end goal a reality. And stuff.

We’ve fixed one or two issues related to the Cursed Oasis, which is appropriate because we’re sending you there this week: a quick new class victory quest to add the (revised) Dragon Soul to the player’s overall item pool. Slime Pits should be similarly adjusted next week.

If you’re looking for a cool playthrough video, check out this Vicious Namtar run from one of our more advanced players, fully commented. It’s, like, an hour long. Hectic! Changelog follows:


  • Hard Gaan-Telet is no longer in the burning dungeon pool.
  • Dragon Soul item properties changed to 15% chance of free glyph cast.
  • Fixed a crash in combat prediction when having stoneskin, but no physical resistance.
  • Fixed a bug where poison was only half effective in cursed oasis.
  • Fixed a bug where burning damage on other enemy was breaking prediction on current enemy.
  • Changed prediction text so that out-of-order damage is no longer a problem (e.g Sorcerer’s Mana Shield)
  • Changed poison description when no regen can occur, tiles now reads 999.
  • Taurog item graphics updated.
  • Fixed a rare crash when dragging items to a locker slot.
  • Explorer’s Guild refreshes puzzle completion properly
  • Tutorial Puzzle 1 now completes upon character death
  • Balanced Dagger bonus is now 3 XP
  • Naga Cauldron bugfix, now permits overheal
  • Non-level XP bonuses apply to Slayer Wand (learning, petrification, etc)
  • Orb of Zot effect now effective vs hidden monsters, buffs player while in inventory
  • Crystal Ball starts off charged when bought from shops
  • Crystal Ball increases in cost per use
  • Transmuter now replenishes mana before triggering Spirit Sword
  • Strength potion damage adjusted
  • Strength potion and Spirit Sword will prioritise instance with highest damage
  • Strength effect: adds +1 damage per character level
  • Blink-related crash fix
  • Hint signs fixed on Halfling puzzles