Sparkly and Chuggy

Hi, Kingdom Witch here. I’ve felt rather dissatisfied with my under-representation in people’s game profiles recently, so I’m cutting everyone a bit of slack and striking a deal with the local alchemist and that old demon-market, Bezar. We’re setting up a special branch of potion vendors in the dungeons so that people can buy mixtures at their leisure WITHOUT infringing on Bezar’s distribution channels. Hopefully that’ll solve a few problems for indecisive adventurers.

Efforts also continue on improving the scrying tools that you’re using to view the Kingdom (its text in particular). Happily enough, the situation seems to be improving. I’ve found myself squinting a lot less at grocery lists recently — you should probably let the devs know how you’re doing with this week’s changes so that they can keep adjusting where needed.

A side effect of all this is a mysterious sparkly effect that’s been observed around dungeon altars recently. Kingdom theologists call it the “mysterious sparkly effect”. Nobody’s really sure what it’s all about, but maybe you’d care to investigate?

You’re also probably wondering what this week’s update image is all about. Or maybe you already know. Maybe you’re a Desktop Dungeons fan from Australia. Maybe you paid $75 for one of the game’s special pre-orders. Maybe there’s already a sarcastic subdungeon floating around somewhere that ties in with all of this.


I’m probably going to spend this weekend sipping tea and observing the Global Game Jam through this new crystal ball that some charming young adventurer sold to me. The reception is rather crackly, but otherwise it’s pretty good value for money. Changelog follows:


  • Bosses and Altars now have auras around them, giving more scouting information
  • Scout Altar and Free Piety preparations removed
  • Number of Altars per dungeon now depends on number of unlocked Gods
  • Fixed issues with certain tilesets that allowed items to appear above walls
  • Started filtering any resolution outside of 800×600. Should improve the look when going fullscreen.
  • HALPMEH and BYSSEPS adjusted
  • Mystera readjusted
  • “Berserk” effect now increases enemy damage by 50%
  • Potions now have separate dungeon shops
  • Difficulty of some dungeons / enemies lowered
  • New subdungeons added