Snake? Snaaaaaake!

Despite the fact that we really really really shouldn’t be looking at late-game content in this stage of development, we couldn’t help but indulge one or two ideas in recent weeks.

So after the generally decent response to the Demonic Library revision, we’ve focused on making one aspect of the Naga City just a tiny bit juicier … namely, the stuff you get to drag back outside with you.

Do give the City a whirl and let us know what you think!

With regards to the ongoing texture loading problems, we’ve been troubleshooting directly with a Unity representative to get to the bottom of this situation and hopefully find some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. The Unity 4 update may provide some promising solutions in this vein, but we’re still trying to get things to work with 3.5 until we can get a version of the package with all the features that we’ll need. On that note, we’ve slashed the size of the game this week and removed a herd of evil mipmaps that were, if not the cause of some of the problems, at least not participating positively.

If you have any questions, grief or death threats, don’t forget to contact us via , or sign up at the Desktop Dungeons forums. Changelog for this week follows:


  • Locker Item prices neutralized.
  • Booster preps changed to add extra boosters to the dungeon.
  • “Less Glyphs” is finally “Fewer Glyphs”
  • Some message graphics changed
  • Specialist badge only applies to the final boss fought
  • New reward in Naga City
  • Avatar summons tweaked
  • Extraneous mipmaps removed