Shifting sands

After a considerable period of dormancy, the Kingdom is once again stirring with promises of new adventures, new opportunities and, well, new tutorial messages.

Veterans will now be able to explore a slightly more detailed northern desert empire, rummaging around the ruined city that houses the ancient demonic library — source of the malevolent Avatar. Those struggling to uncover the ancient secrets of this lost civilisation (held shut by the guardians of the mysterious stone labyrinth) may find the fight somewhat easier as more experienced adventurers carve a clearer path for them.

As a matter of fact, the combined forces of the Kingdom’s elite have made more headway in just about every major direction, resulting in an easier expedition for greener aventurers everywhere. Happy hunting!

Okay, so we’ve updated for the first time in ages. A few of the directional dungeons have been made somewhat easier, the northern desert has become a little more fleshed out with some (hopefully) interesting ideas, and we’ve begun the process of converting those onerous in-game dialog messages to easily-ignored, click-aroundable speech bubbles which you can check out in the tutorial. Neatly and officially, here’s what you’ve got:

Current Fixes:

  • Signposts changed from popups to speech bubbles, tutorials changed accordingly.
  • New dungeons in the north.
  • Desert tileset added.
  • Difficulty changes to early-mid dungeons across the board.