Seasonal Powerdown

Hail, loyal Desktop Dungeons supporters! This week, we made a big push to eliminate the final instabilities in some of the save / load areas of the game. As we prepare to go into semi-sorta-hibernation over the festive season, take comfort in the fact that your item and data loss issues will be a thing of the past.

Players encountering trouble with lockers can take heart. People with missing run data can earn a sense of closure. And there will be cheering in the streets over the preservation of Kingdom progress data!

Several logic bugs that caused saved game history to desync in weird ways when playing from different IPs and devices are a thing of the past. We’ve also brought an end to a few other issues, big and small, that came across our field of attention.

Thanks for the patience, and we hope y’all continue enjoying the game!

Savour the year’s end if you’re into that sorta celebration. Don’t worry — even if we’re quietish for a bit, we’ll still be around to make sure that nothing explodes (unless intended through the fully sanctioned use of BURNDAYRAZ). Here’s the list of most recent changes:


  • Fixed a bug in cloud saving that could cause an old save to be recognized as the latest save.
  • Fixed a bug where the game could give an unnecessary “different login” warning on startup.
  • Fixed a bug where silver challenge rewards could be lockered twice.
  • Bosses spawning right next to the player will speak as expected
  • Fixed issue where music tracks wouldn’t load properly while volume was at zero
  • Fixed issue where overheal counted as “negative” regeneration on the score screen
  • Fixed Anubiss codex entry
  • Fixed crash related to Agbaar’s puzzle pack
  • Agbaar’s correctly delays pack completion
  • Fixed Goat Glade sometimes reverting to non-upgraded state
  • Fixed Soundtrack button not always enabling itself when Steam connection detected