ScoreScreenWIPThis week sees a juicy visual update with the introduction of a brand-new score screen, iterating on the basic improvements shown in the last update. Now players can take after-dungeon screenshots to be truly proud of, showing off their adventuring prowess without the burden of an all-encompassing inky void, ugly stats and text in odd places. Hooray!

People waiting for the official full release of Desktop Dungeons will be excited to know that this is the last significant overhaul of a temporary graphics scene, meaning that visual adjustments from here will only concern themselves with smaller game elements (and maybe a tasty-looking splash screen for good measure). Minus the juice that we still want to add with animations and additional UI tweaks, this is pretty much starting to *look* like the product we’d originally envisioned. Additional background work should soon have it *sounding* like the product we’d envisioned, and significant advancements in haptics and Goat Cheese Over IP technology should also mean that we’ll get it *tasting* just like we imagined.

Or something.

We’re frantically working through an ever-dwindling checklist of “Stuff That Still Needs The Doing” and there’s an aura of excitement in the air strong enough to trigger a fainting goat reflex. Changelog follows:


  • Selecting a dungeon with no victories will focus the side panel on the description instead of the class completion.
  • Fixed a bug where bosses that were moved into revealed territory would not speak.
  • Updated graphics for Smugglers Den, Bet on Boss, Fewer Glyphs, Extra Glyphs and the Adventuring Kit.
  • Explorer Guild interest indicator fixed.
  • Mystery Blue Flag on Kingdom fixed.
  • Codex numbers and entries fixed.
  • Class challenge icons updated.
  • Looping fireball sound fixed.
  • Score screen given a graphical overhaul.
  • Added cursor animation for APHEELSIK.