Sassy Mutations

We’ve had, like, a million of these guys by now.


So, before we mention anything else: Assassin has been nerfed. And the Transmuter has been … er, well, transmuted. Again. We were hoping to make some more radical changes to the former and a few tweaks on the latter, but it seemed to end up working the other way around.

Work has continued on the new Cursed Oasis and we think we’re getting there: fire it up this week for a more challenging, bug-free and interesting dungeon experience. Heck, try throwing the new Transmuter at it — we reckon the class will synergise nicely.

Despite promising ourselves with each new week that we will no longer be accepting changes for gods, it seems that there’s always tweaks that cannot be resisted. So say “hello” to bringing Binlor in line and JJ a little up to scratch. Mystera also has a couple of adjustments and sports the next set of puzzles in our “stuff to introduce the gods with” series. Just watch out for mana burn, okay?

We’ve been taking little nibbles at the early game progression this week, too. Not much to report, though we’ve decided at the very least that relenting and allowing Hobbler’s Hold to exist after the game’s introduction would be acceptable. No gold allowed, though — we’ll find a way to balance progression without it, we promise.

There’s a bunch of extra changes below that may need your attention. Watch out for Havendale Bridge, traveller. Changelog follows:


  • HALPMEH changed to 4 health per level, costs 5 mana.
  • Paladin gets 1 extra health per level when casting HALPMEH.
  • Cursed Oasis made harder.
  • Fixed bugs with Revealed/Scouted├é┬ástatus on Cursed Oasis.
  • Bosses now speak in Cursed Oasis, even if their tile was revealed in the other plane.
  • Assassin changed. Removed corrosion from APHEELSIK, added 20% bonus damage vs poisoned monsters, starts with -20% bonus damage.
  • Dungeon Run uploads have been made more robust. This should prevent runs being “lost”.
  • Changed the way Warmonger badge is monitored. This should help with prevent it being removed incorrectly.
  • Mystera reacts poorly to mana burn
  • Mystera puzzle pack added
  • Flames boon is cheaper
  • Weaken no longer has mounting piety cost
  • Chaos Avatar cheaper, JJ desecration penalty changed
  • Curse added to JJ punishment list, formula adjusted slightly
  • JJ no longer rolls piety for plant reveals
  • New Transmuter
  • BLUDTUPOWA penalty flattened to 1 health per tile
  • BLUDTUPOWA health loss not applied while cursed
  • Stone Skin back to 3% MR, costs 15 piety
  • Stone Heart now consumes 15 walls
  • Fixed edge case where characters cannot level up properly
  • Labyrinth boss will no longer move to exact tile of previously killed enemy
  • “Enraged” merged with “Berserk” status effect, for neatness
  • Hobbler’s Hold returned, with capped gold yield
  • Absolution now works as intended
  • Vicious Horatio no longer has mana burn, AA level removed from Gaan-Telet
  • “Confidence” quest now flagged properly on map
  • Walled-off corners of the map should no longer generate in open-style dungeons
  • Havendale’s Bridge Troll holds a nasty surprise
  • Wizard.EXE Slayer Wand yield lowered from 3 to 2
  • “Fabulous Treasure” in Thief Gold challenge increased to value of 95
  • Players may not use the “Surrender” menu option in early tutorials
  • Treasure tutorial golem now more guarded against player clumsiness
  • Troll Heart conversion increased to 55
  • “Unlikely Heroes” quest available (though not necessarily completeable) a lot sooner
  • “Counter fireball” re-labelled as “Retaliate: Fireball”
  • Lore subdungeons enhanced in the North, corrected in the East