Safe and Sound

blogPost_ver1So, we’ve made it to the other side! The game is out and this is our first non-beta patch for the web player community.

Weekly updates aren’t strictly part of our brief anymore, but there’s still more for us to put into the online build and the Steam community has been very helpful in providing loads of early-game feedback (don’t forget to grab the game on Steam or redeem your key if you haven’t done so already).

What may interest most of you is the addition of streamed audio from the powerhouse duo of Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope, giving Desktop Dungeons a fully orchestral soundtrack to finish the experience with a little bit of aural magic.

The soundtrack is too big to load up all in one go (and we’re sensitive to people connecting wirelessly from the Antarctic or whatever), so we’re experimenting with loading up individual tracks on the fly — if there’s a delay in hearing any sound, it’ll be due to stuff caching in the background. Let us know if there’s any issues, and enjoy the music!

This week’s changelog is rather big, due to it being the culmination of several panicked, semi-panicked and almost-entirely-unpanicked build updates made over the course of the week. Have a look through:


  • Added some protection around elf/dwarf building creation.
  • Changed layout and keyboard support for combat to encourage more analysis
  • Added more file write access protection.
  • Added protection from quitting mid-save.
  • Added option to create account when steam connection fails.
  • Added more music scripting to various Challenge dungeons.
  • Fixed some crashes relating to illegal directory/filenames.
  • Fixed various file access crashes while saving/loading.
  • Changed save overwrite from delete->write to write->rename->backup
  • Added music to web build
  • Game now remembers zoom/fullscreen settings.
  • Attempting to force steam connection for users still experiencing problems. (May take up to 10 seconds to connect)
  • Patched some gaps in map music (new tracks for Cursed Oasis, Shifting Passages and Demonic Library phase 2)
  • Using knockback on enemies correctly triggers any berserking effects
  • Unlock condition for Guild of Exploration relaxed slightly
  • Fixed some minor issues with Triple Quest scripting, added extra music cues
  • Added stat logging for Steam connection issues.
  • Added stat logging for File I/O issues.
  • Added a dialogue for retrying when a file write fails.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash with very old (beta) save games.
  • Added Exit Game button to the menu.
  • Moved settings into a sub-menu.
  • Gate Scroll adds 5 hp, cannot be converted
  • Extra powerup tutorial message added to startup dungeons
  • Special notification animation added to Gate Scroll shop and first few god subdungeons
  • Waste Not, Want Not no longer applies to puzzles
  • Fixed easy higher level killer achievement.
  • Fixed crash with saves from the cloud that have no advisor tasks.
  • Fixed a typo on the splash screen.
  • Fixed burn pop not being in right place on small dungeons.
  • Fixed Apostate and Polytheist achievements not working, also fixed god boon stat logging as a result.
  • Fixed problem with music stopping after returning window focus
  • Piety indicators no longer show +X when dropping below zero.
  • Irresistable achievement no longer possible in puzzles
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some clients to not ‘see’ steam.
  • Added message boxes to notify about cloud sync failures.