Ripples and Reviews

This week’s update addresses some important data saving issues reported over the past week, as well as some minor interface weirdnesses and mechanical exploits / disadvantages (we expect to hear a mixed chorus of “hooray” and “awww” about that).

Desktop Dungeons has been going along the expected review circuit in recent weeks and we decided to pick out a few of the more interesting writeups out there. If you want to point your friends (and enemies) at some professional opinions or just check out some creative wordsmithing about DD, check these out. Links and changelog after the jump:

To top it all off, we have this in-depth and exciting mega-review from Penny Arcade’s Tycho, exploring all the wonderment and addiction of the game in context of current events and industry-shaking releases:

And that’s it for now! Here’s the most recent adjustments made to the game for your changelogging pleasure:


  • Changed the way locker items are saved. Items should no longer get lost.
  • Runs are no longer counted if the associated Race / Class is not unlocked.
  • Clicking restart on the score screen now brings up the loading screen right away, preventing ‘overpayment’ of restarting.
  • Non-XP enemies no longer count towards higher level slaying achievements
  • North / South dungeons should unlock normally on all profiles
  • Generic enemy indicators should be correctly removed by Lusory Orb
  • Flavour description shortened on lvl0 Adventure Guild
  • Targetting a different enemy to the one currently selected no longer triggers moves against the selected enemy
  • Fixed the check for new puzzles in Agbaar’s Academy