Okay, so we’ve been on a kinda semi-announced-maybe hiatus for a good couple of weeks now. Great stuff happened during that time: things like expos and travel and IndieCade and random nudity and whatnot. After the dust settled, we decided to cruise over to a local coffee shop and have a nice long design chat about Desktop Dungeons and where to move next.

After some deliberation, we’ve opted to not take the money and run, reckoning instead that we’d better get back to work and post some more updates before people start feeling completely and utterly forsaken.

So yeah, work on the beta continues! We’ll be moving into a bit of a pruning phase pretty soon to get rid of some “looser” content here and there, but there’s also plans underway for additional new areas, puzzles, gods and playable characters. Veterans and attentive blog readers alike should already know about some of the gaps in the roster yet to be filled …